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Sheraton Walkerhill Show

ㆍDate Daily 16:00 ~ 20:00 or 18:00 ~ 22:30
ㆍCourse Hotel - - Sheraton Walkerhill Show - Hotel
ㆍMininum Pax 2 Pax
ㆍTour fee 97,000

An honored tradition for more than 37 years- the Walker Hill Show has been a part of the hotel since its opening day, and its 720 seat Kayagum theater Hall is the largest in Asia. Visitors can get their first glimpse into Korea's rich and ancient heritage through the Korean Traditional Revue. This Korean Dance group entertains and educates audiences twice nightly through a mix of folk songs, ancient musical instruments, and intricate traditional dances. The Show also includes spectacular and magnificent Las Vegas style revue.

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